• Member Spotlight: Zack

    Member Spotlight: Zack

    Meet Charlestown’s Zack Forrest!

    Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise?  
    Not always, I preferred to play Xbox and guitar/drums.

    What brought you to PowerCamp?
    My partner Haylee suggested trying the 8 week challenge. Needless to say, after a few sessions I was hooked.

    Did you have a goal when you first started PowerCamp? 
    After losing nearly 20kgs in the gym by myself I wanted to tone and build enough confidence to be able to take my shirt off at the beach.

    Have you reached your goal?
    I’ve been able to achieve both goals, but have set new goals and am striving to complete them.

    How has PowerCamp helped you achieve your goal? 
    Before I joined PowerCamp, I would spend nearly 2 hours walking around the gym aimlessly, but now I have a schedule to go by, with motivation from Vicki and the team I can compress my workout into a shorter high intensity one.

    What would you say to someone thinking of trying PowerCamp? 
    Don’t hesitate. While the pain at first hurts, it’s slowly but surely taken over by the feeling of satisfaction.

    Biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey?
    Having to overcome various mental obstacles that with the help and support of those around me, I will overcome.

    Do you have sources if inspiration? If so, what are they?
    My partner Haylee, my dad, my grandfather, Vicki and the team at Planet, and The Rock.

    Favourite quote?
    “What don’t kill ya, make ya more strong.” Broken, Beat & Scarred.

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