• 8 Weeks of Power Member Spotlight: Julieanne

    8 Weeks of Power Member Spotlight: Julieanne

    Meet Charlestown’s Julieanne! What made you decide to take part in the PowerCamp challenge?  To lose weight and get my health back. Did you have a goal when you started the PowerCamp challenge? If yes, what were/are they?  To see if I could get stronger in 8 weeks. Have you reached a goal or have

  • PowerCamp Member Spotlight: Peta Mead

    PowerCamp Member Spotlight: Peta Mead

    Meet Charlestown’s Peta Mead! Meet Peta! Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise?  In the last 18 months yes – prior to that not really – on and off. If no, what brought you to PowerCamp? I made a decision in March 2014 to change my weight and lifestyle choices. In April 2014

  • Are you up for the Challenge?

    Are you up for the Challenge?

    JOIN OUR 8 WEEK POWERCAMP CHALLENGE – Starting Tuesday 6 October What’s included: Meal Plans formulated by an accredited Dietitian | Fitness Testing | Before & After Photos/Measurements | Attendance Accountability ABOUT STRENGTH & HIIT: Better results in less time – what’s not to love about High Intensity Interval Training? Our classes combine intervals of high-intensity

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