• 8 Weeks of Power Member Spotlight: Alex Whitehead

    8 Weeks of Power Member Spotlight: Alex Whitehead

    Meet Charlestown’s Alex Whitehead!

    What made you decide to take part in the PowerCamp challenge? 
    Before the challenge I found it difficult to get motivated to work out regularly and push myself out of my comfort zone. I felt like I was stuck in a plateau or a rut.

    Did you have a goal when you started the PowerCamp challenge? 
    I wanted to get lose 5kg & get below 15% body fat (from 21.3%). I also wanted to get rid of the beer gut I’d been unable to shake since finishing uni.

    Have you reached a goal or have you achieved what you originally set out to do?
    I ended up losing 7kg and 7.8% body fat. I also improved my running personal best from 24:55 seconds down to a blazing 20:20 seconds!

    How do you feel in yourself after completing the challenge?
    I feel more energetic, confident and stronger. I have loads more motivation to push myself to do my very best, regardless of what anyone else is doing.

    What was your perception of functional training before you started?
    I was afraid of trying out free weights and weight training before I started. I knew I wouldn’t have good form before I even started, so I just didn’t attempt it. After starting PowerCamp, I have come to love it! Pete and Vicki were really great trainers and they focused on improving my form and my technique before pushing the weights.

    What are your fitness goals for the future? 
    I want to be able to run 5km in under 19.5min. My current PB is at 20:20. Next April, I’m going to attempt a 1/2 marathon and after that I want to attempt a full marathon.

    Biggest obstacles you have had to overcome during the challenge? 
    My form for the power-cleans and hang-cleans took a lot of time and patience to get right. I stuck at it though, and I think it tuned out alright in the end. I filmed myself doing it, then looked at what I was doing wrong.

    Has the challenge helped you maintain motivation toward your training, if so, how?
    Yeah, I did the challenge with 4 friends. We pushed each other to set the highest bar we could. Wednesday’s partner workout was good too. I got to work out with heaps of other people in the same boat as me – it helped motivate me.

    What would you say to someone considering trying PowerCamp for the first time?
    Just do it! Everyone is really friendly, supportive and happy to help or explain anything. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you notice the change in yourself.

    What was your weekly fitness regime during the challenge? 
    Monday-Tuesday: PowerCamp + 5km walk or jog
    Wednesday: PowerCamp + 5-10 laps @ Merewether Baths
    Thursday: PowerCamp + 5km walk or run
    Friday: X-Trainer | Saturday: 5km parkrun
    Sunday: Home circuit

    *There is no guarantee that you will get these specific results by participating in PowerCamp as each individual participant is unique. Examples in these articles are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee.

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